Whitby, ON

May 23, 2016

Homeowners and business owners who need a new wood deck, vinyl deck, or similar improvement solutions for their properties in Whitby, ON would do well to come to Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON. Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON backs all of our workmanship with a ten year warranty. Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON understands how tough or inconvenient the process of hiring a contractor to do an important project is, that is why we make sure that from the time you connect with Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON through the selection and installation process our team of experts are there at every step of the process.

The team of experts will speak with you, ask questions to understand your requirements and then guide to the right solution. When you visit the showroom of Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON you can get a feel of the high quality materials that we use. Once you select the package that suits your requirements, the team of experts will make sure that the installation process is as smooth as possible without causing any inconvenience and often tailored to fit your schedules.

Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON also has a wide range of corporate clients looking for major improvements on their properties. Some of the projects that Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON has taken on include rooftop terraces, retirement homes, sports fields etc. Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON also has a variety of eco-friendly options. This option is for our customers who not only enjoy a beautiful look but also want their project to be environmentally friendly.
The residential customers of Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON have a wide array of selection, something which fits their budgets and availability of space. Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON can provide anything from a simple wood deck or vinyl deck to a completely luxurious solution that changes the lifestyle of those in the home.

Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON has packages starting from $15,000. These are the Bronze level packages from Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON and will be perfect for homeowners who have tight budgets but want to be able to barbeque and eat outside. These decks can make life nice by having space for relaxing in the evenings for small families.

The most popular option at Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON is the Gold level package. These projects vary widely but include multi-level areas, include more features like better privacy, lighting, entertainment zones etc.

We invite you to browse our options :

For those looking for something truly unique and extravagant, the Platinum and Diamond level packages offer unlimited possibilities. These packages have all the features of the gold level as well as other features like fire features, privacy panels, bars, and even areas for pools or spas. If you need something else, just let us know and Vinyl Decks in Whitby, ON will find a way to accommodate you.

Why wait to get the wood deck, vinyl deck, or other addition to your property in Whitby, ON? Call us today or visit one of our showrooms to learn more about what we can do for you!

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