Newmarket, ON

May 23, 2016

Residents and business owners in Newmarket,ON and surrounding area can turn to Vinyl Decks in Newmarket,ON for a vinyl deck, wood deck, or a deck made from other materials. A team of experts at Vinyl Decks in Newmarket,ON are ready to answer all of your questions and to handle professional construction of the new structure.

Many customers come to Vinyl Decks in Newmarket,ON for a vinyl deck because of the benefits that the material offers. Among all the advantages that the material offers. The major one is the fact that vinyl requires relatively little maintenance, and that which is needed is only for cosmetic purposes.

Hosing with a garden hose is typically more than enough, though many of them let the rain clean the decks. There are vinyl cleaning solutions for those who want their deck looking in the best form. Maintaining wood is more labor intensive. Wood decks need to be cleaned, stripped, and stained either annually or bi-annually depending on how long the structure has been in place.

Another major consideration is the durability of the materials. A wood deck will typically last for about twenty years when maintained well, but even then it often requires things like replacement of some boards and attention to various types of damage. Vinyl products from Vinyl Decks in Newmarket,ON can last for decades longer and do so without the need for such repairs.

Wood does have an advantage over vinyl in terms of the initial cost. Because of the advantages of vinyl in the aforementioned areas, it tends to cost considerably more than wood. Homeowners and business owners who want a deck at the lowest possible price would do well to consider wood. Wood can also give your house a classic look.

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Regardless of whether you know what type of deck you want or still need to figure it out, you can rest assured that the team at Vinyl Decks in Newmarket,ON is here to help you from where you are to the point where you have a new vinyl deck, or other structure that is absolutely perfect for your home or business in Newmarket,ON.

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